Constrictor 1000

Constrictor 1000 is a machine of strong and simple mechanical manufacturing, to apply pre-cured treads on truck tyres with bead diameter size ranging from 15” up to 24,5”.

The machine is equipped with interchangeable expanding chucks with hydraulic opening. The draft gear is direct on the chuck and has the possibility to change the movement into 2 speeds:

  • Running by pedal: from 6 to 20 turns/min;
  • Stitching running: from 20 to 40 turns/min.

As option, the machine can be equipped with:

  • Tread centering system;
  • Laser centering device;
  • Hydraulic lifter;
  • Central roller for stitching;
  • Differential cycle stitching wings;
  • Pressing roller.