03 May 2017
From 24 to 28 May at the trade fair in Bologna, TRM will be previewing some great innovations. Among these, the Eagle T 2020

TRM has always focused on continuous improvement and on pursuing innovative solutions. This year is no exception, in fact the Italian company has announced that will take part in Autopromotec, the event to be held in Bologna from 24 to 28 May and, in view of this, it has previewed some great innovations, which, once again, are set to redefine industry standards.

The most important innovation is the Eagle T 2020, which is a highly innovative automatic buffing machine that allows retreaders to minimise operating costs during buffing. Compact, safe and practical, Eagle T 2020 is set to become a milestone for the future of the retreading industry. Resulting from TRM’s skills and consolidated experience in the development of industry technologies, it represents a major step forward in buffing operations.

At Autopromotec, a team of specialists will provide visitors of the TRM stand with all the technical information and informational materials required to expand their knowledge of technology applied to the field of high-quality retreading. A highlight in the field of tyre inspection is VTT 2000 NDT, a machine that, thanks to the Nail Hole Detector system and to an efficient loading/unloading mechanism, opening of the beads and tyre rotation, makes the operation quicker and more productive. Moreover, its functional lighting system optimises tyre inspection by reducing time and risks of error. Finally, it is fitted with a practical mobile arm that allows the operator to constantly have the control panel available.


EAGLE T 2020, the buffing machine of the future

Those who are accustomed to TRM machines know that Eagle is historically the name of the range of buffing machines developed by the company. The latest model stands out for the T for truck, but especially for the number 2020, which has multiple meanings. In fact, TRM intentionally points to the future with this important future-oriented innovation, but also to the number two, which often appears in the key elements of this new and trusted business partner. In fact, there are two independent chucks, which are applied to the same turret, along with two operational zones, two belt detection systems and measurement of the circumference, always with two autonomous safety zones.

The two chucks are approached by an automatic articulated arm for buffing. The machine, which is also fitted with a manual arm for finishing operations, allows for one operator to carry out operations that are usually carried out by two operators.
As always for the Italian company, the Eagle T 2020 features countless buffing programmes, which can be easily managed through a very practical and intuitive user interface.

Eagle T 2020 is also available with the option of a DBD (Dynamic Belt Detector) system, which detects the presence of belts in the entire tread area and across its width. The DBD system is particularly suitable for maximising the use of casings, including those that are less known to the retreading industry, as they have either recently been launched on the market or are made by not so widely known brands.

The newly developed Eagle T 2020 expands the TRM range of retreading machinery in the truck segment and demonstrates the constant drive for innovation and continuous improvement of the Marangoni Meccanica division.